How it works


Choose a topic of interest in the online library.

Our lessons are aligned with the Montessori curriculum, and expand on its teachings.


Each topic has engaging lessons for your learner to watch…

…or for you to gather inspiration if you’d like to give a lesson yourself.


Choose from 2-5 extension activities for follow-up work.

We have demonstrations, activities, experiments, nomenclature cards, research prompts, and more.


Keep track of the progress of your child.

Each member has own account. The learner or you can tick a lesson as done and track your progress and/or to mark it as favourite and a short-cut will be available for you.

We suggest our guidance:

4 video lessons + 5 extensions per week for elementary children (6-12 years of age)

2 video lessons + 4 extensions per week for primary children (3-6 years of age)

1 video lesson + 2 extensions per week for toddlers (2-3 years of aged children)

Choose a topic of interest in our online library

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Live Discovery Montessori learning platform will:

  • Let children learn by doing. Your child will get inspired and learn more about a topic of interest by getting exposed to a concept, having real possibilities for exploration, building own experiences by practicing and making a leap of understanding and applying the new knowledge by their own.
  • Help them understand scientific phenomena, interdependences in nature, big history, science as a part of their cosmic education. Your child will joyfully discover the world and their unique place in it by experiencing a fun and discovery in everyday learning.
  • Encourage their curiosity, self-motivation and educational development. Our program is intuitively curated online, where each learner has the freedom to choose from our series of self-paced lessons, series and experiments. There is plenty of work and exploration beyond the screen, too.
  • Foster the desire for knowledge by allowing them to dive deep into topics with the experiments and activities we paired with each lesson. You will recognise that they are learning when the child wants to go on the next challenge, teaches others, shows a lesson to others, makes a project, writes a poem…
  • Support children in their self-expression, in both languages Bulgarian in English, including spoken and written language, comprehension and grammar, spelling and punctuation, creative writing, expression through art and music. The child will be able to make themselves welcome wherever they go.

What's in Live Discovery Montessori library?

Video lessons & presentations

Experiments guidance

Follow-up activities

Research opportunities

Print materials

Nomenclature cards