Language – Hand and writing

From the very beginning, language was a function of cooperation and an agreement. It was an agreement of sounds and their connection to objects around us. It was an agreement of the order in which the sounds should be made.
The language allows us to name our explorations, to make discoveries and communicate them with others. We can be curious as we have the language to name our eagerness to learn, to know, to experience.
Language allows us to express thought.
I can make language visible.
Sandpaper letters and the moveable alphabet help us to do this. Once the child makes this discovery, they can use it over and over. If the child absorbs a kinaesthetic memory of the shapes, not just a visual one, it will be more likely that the child will explode into writing.
A strong and whole practice will assist the child in connecting the sounds with the written signs and taking the opportunity to self-express off the mat and into the world.