About Live Discovery Montessori team

The Live Discovery Montessori team involves the contribution of qualified AMI Montessori teachers and assistants with a talent for working with children and committed to self-mastery. Every day, the guides of Live Discovery Montessori work with children in the prepared environment and continue to discover the unique nature of the child. In our multicultural Live Discovery Montessori team, everyone is a unique individual and we are all united by our faith in the child. Each of us contributes and brings a broad range of skills and experiences. We are guided by our love and commitment to the unique development of the child and to helping each child grow toward themselves. Our work is embraced by parents in Bulgaria and across the globe. Childhood is filled with joy, curiosity and discovery, and Live Discovery team helps make this happen wherever you are. 

Anna-Maria Yotsova
Primary and Elementary Community Guide
Laura Heywood
Toddlers and Primary Community Assistant
Nikoleta Nikolova
Assistant of Infancy
Rolla Hamide
Elementary Community Guide
Yassen Hristov
Primary Community Assistant
Sam Leivers
Elementary Community Guide