New to Live Discovery Montessori?

Live Discovery Montessori is an online space to care and enrich the education of your child whenever you are while connecting with the big picture – this global community. This space is really special because it was really born out of the community of Montessori educators during a global pandemic, not an idea from one person or one thing. This really came from Montessori schools community and the need children to have an opportunity to continue exploring and learning, be curious and discover with joy the beauty of the world. 

Anna-Maria is the possibilitarian who brings the team together to make Live Discovery Montessori real. She sees working as a Montessori guide as a mission, not as a job or a career. Her work aims to lift the childhood experience in the family, primary and elementary school by supporting children, parents and teachers to aid the child natural development from birth to maturity. Anna-Mariya and Live Discovery team of amazing professionals contribute to the learning experience of the child in the family by creating a growth environments, in-depth understanding, compassion, gratitude and love. Our work is embraced by parents in Bulgaria and across the globe. Childhood is full of joy, curiosity and discovery, and Anna-Maria and Live Discovery team help making this happen wherever you are.

Who is Anna-Mariya?

Anna-Maria is Montessori education expert working in Bulgaria. She is an AMI Montessori guide 3-6, 6-12, 12-18 with an extensive international experience. She is Co-founder of Montessori Society Bulgaria, affiliated to AMI, and bilingual Montessori school for children between 14 months and 14 years of age, that serves as a model of Montessori education in Bulgaria.

Anna-Maria works daily with primary and elementary children, parents and educators, leads seminars and workshops, guides adults, putting maximum efforts to support their potential to unfold and manifest.

Her task aims the natural development of the child, development of human potential and improvement of the childhood experience in the family, kindergarten and school.

Giving Back

Every child needs a chance. The kid of today is the leader of tomorrow.

Anna-Maria is deeply passionate about helping children in need live happier, healthier lives. She truly wants to make a giant difference in the lives of most vulnerable children around the world. And guess what? Do you want to make a bigger impact with your life? Just imagine how you will feel knowing that you’ve helped even one child live a better life and craft their dreams. As Anna-Maria says: “The only happiness that lasts is the happiness of making others happy.”

Help us help the kids of the planet!

Anna-Maria's Story

A former marketing and business manager, she left her career for establishing Montessori children’s house and school. She invests in the development of adults and supports them to develop their understanding of the child. With a group of teachers, she established a national organisation to support the development education in the family, public kindergartens and schools. Every day she supports children and families in their daily activities. She continues to work on making Montessori practices available and building awareness of the natural laws of development of the child by leading and organising international world-class courses and events.

Anna-Maria’s Global Contribution

  • 10+ years involvement in the study of child development and Montessori philosophy.
  • Ambassador of Montessori Education in Bulgaria, she gives a way to the professional development of more than 60 teachers who are working in a variety of educational organisations.
  • Works to unite teachers and develop further the collaboration of Bulgarian society with AMI by participating in international working groups and establishing a national organisation for supporting the improvement of education in Bulgaria.
  • Develops the understanding of parents and teachers about the needs of the child through regular publications and seminars.
  • From 2016 she organises international trainings in Bulgaria, inviting world-class lecturers and trainers.
  • Successfully established by her program for public kindergartens and schools for improvement of the approach to early childhood and school education impacts positively the learning experience of more than 2 000 children.
  • Hosted the European Montessori Forum in 2018, gathering more than 300 educators from around the world in Sofia.
  • As a volunteer, she supported the qualifications of Bulgarian Montessori teachers by translating AMI course in Germany.
  • Initiated the documentary “Let the Child be the guide” to be made available to Bulgarian audiences in the cinemas.